Before we get going or before you invest too much time watching my videos, I want to be clear about my intentions. I want to help you make photographs, but I don't want to be a gatekeeper of information. These are my opinions and should be taken as such. Look there are a bunch of dudes on the internet telling you about what you should and shouldn't take pictures of, what camera to buy, what lens you should get, what is the best way to do something. Yikes! Also we will not obsess about "bokeh" which in a misinterpretation of a Japanese concept that is kinda boring. (See just my opinion) 
Okay I hope this is helpful. I want to be helpful. You are SMART, you can decide what you need learn and don't need really need to know. Also I'm willing to hear your opinions and you can totally call me out on my opinions or workflow. I'm just trying to get off the computer and back to the making of pictures, the grilling of veggies and the petting of dogs!
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